Measurement campaigne, Munich, 10/2016

The second measurement campaign took place in Kamp-Lintfort, in North Rhine-Westphalia. The measurement equipment setup was designed in order to measure a more generic channel that is free of shadowing in T2T and T2I links. Therefore, to avoid the signal blocking by the vehicle structures, the antennas were placed well-above the roof of two vehicles, at a height similar to the one used in the first measurement campaign, using car roof racks and machined custom made equipment. The channel sounder used could measure a 2x4 MIMO channel with a signal bandwidth of 500 MHz. Due to the unavailability of two baseband generators, a different set of excitation waveforms were used. The measurement routes that were followed included mainly a highway with varying traffic density along its route, two fairly long tunnels and some areas with smaller roads.